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Intex Glass (Xiamen) Co., Ltd is a professional glass manufacturer in China with 15 years of experience. We produce laminated glass in 3mm to 19mm thickness for use in bus stations, airports and various areas where sound-insulation is required. Other applications include banks and show rooms, car windows and ships, furniture and interior decoration, bulletproof or theft prevention windows etc. All of our glass products have found their end use as components in a wide variety of finished products manufactured by our customer base in North America, Europe and Asia.
1) Thickness:
A) Float/Patterned/Tempered glass thickness: 3mm-19mm
B) PVB thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm
2) Sizes available: Max. Size: 2,500 x 7,500mm; Min. Size: 300 x 300mm
3) PVB type: Clear PVB & tinted PVB (diffused white, green, blue, etc.)
Packing: Plywood Crates & End cap
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