High frequency induction heating machine

Product ID: GY-60AB

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Model GY-60AB (Three phase)
work power 380V 50HZ
the range of operating voltage 340V-430V
input current 60A
Fluctuating output power 60KW
fluctuating frequency 30-80KHZ
output current 400-2400A
Timing 1-99S
the flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 7.6L/Min
water temperature protection point 40C
product size main : 640x280x550 mm
transformer :  510x260x410 mm
net weight main : 37.5 kgs
transformer : 32.5 kgs
A. Heating (hot forging, hot fitting and smelting)
B. Heat Treatment (surface quench)
C. Welding (braze welding, silver soldering and brazing)
D. Annealing (tempering and modulation)
  • GY-60AB Heater equipment
    • 1. It adopts the most advanced MOS, IGBT frequency conversion control technologies to ensure the high efficiency and maximum output power.
  • 2. It has the constant current and power control function, which can significantly optimize metal heating process, realize the high efficient and fast heating and bring into play the superior performance of the products.
    • GY-60AB induction furnace
      • 3. It has the function of three-stage time setting represented by heating-heat preservation-cooling. Furthermore, the power for heating and heat preservation is available for independent regulation, which can facilitate the heating and heat preservation, which is applicable to places requiring bulking and repeated heating.
    • 4. A maximum ten types fault protection and display of over-current, over-voltage, water shortage and phase missing can provide higher reliability and durability.
      • GY-60AB induction heater
        • 5. It is safe and reliable, and requires no equipments of ten thousand voltage, and thus can ensure the safe operation.
      • 6. The comprehensive full load design is available for 24-hour continuous operation.
      • 7. It is available for ultraviolet temperature detection, which can realize the automatic control of temperature, improve the heating performance and simplify the manual operation.
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