76keys Bluetooth silicone keyboard for IPAD

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• 76keys 6mmbluetooth silicone keyboard BL-76
brand: AIPAD
competitive with iPhone 4g, iPad, Android and Mobile 6.0.,etc.
competitive with Widcomm,Windows XP and IVT Software..
Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries.
Durable synthetic leather case is slim, with no extra bulky flaps in front of keyboard
Provides full access to all iPad controls and contains NO magnets
Rubberized keys are spill-proof and also protect iPad screen from scratching when closed
Bluetooth keyboard delivers wireless operation
Keyboard and on/off switches are more durable than many ordinary, non- AIPAD iPad folios
Waterproof and dustproof
Product Dimensions: 230x132x6mm
Weight: 250g(including USB line)
with colorful packing

1、elegant and easy to carry
2、ultra thin:Effectively improve the fatigue of finger and wrist.
3、noiseless:Can effectively avoid interference to others(Especially suitable for the people using in the same room).
4、anti-pollution,anti- acid-base,dustproof,waterproof(only the silicone material).
5、Surface is under special treatment,Not easy to absorb dust.
1、Dont contact with sharp objects!
2、Dont put heavy thing above!
3、Dont put in place of high temperature!
4、Dont over stretch or distort!
5、Dont contact with organic liquid like oil!
6、Dont press when fold!
7、The silicone material can be cleaned by water alcohol disinfectant,the plastic material can only be wiped!

Product description:
A、material: the foldable keyboard , made of high strength and high elastic silicone material,safe and environmental protected, non-poisonous and tasteless ,is the new revolution of Computer peripherals industry and mobile office.
B、anti-virus: Totally-sealing, Can avoid all sorts of dirt inside the keyboard, Thus preventing various bacteria breeding in the keyboard, It can be cleaned in any disinfection sprays in order to prevent infectious virus
C、Waterproof and moisture-proof: Have elecllent waterproof performance, can be used in wet environment and even in shallow water.It can prevent beverage or other liquid pouring on the keyboard, avoid internal circuit damage.
D、anti-acid base:because the unique character of the silicone, it can be used in any acid and alkali corrosion environment.
E、dustproof and sand proof: the character of totally-sealing can make sure the keyboard be used in sandstorm.
F、compactness:The roll up charcter makes it the most space saving product among the computer peripherals.

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