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This product can quickly and easily set up the digital player and car or home audio system wireless link.It only needs to connect the FM transmitter to MP3 player or any other audio player,for example:GPS,MP3,MP4,IPOD,DVD,PDA,CD,mobile phone,computer,or TV.
1. Insert adapter into cigarette lighter socket.
2. Insert the audio input jack to the audio player output socket.
3. Turn on the FM radio,tuning to corres ponding channel then could enjoy music.
4. Press CH button change to next channel by one step.

FM Frequency:88.1/88.5/88.9/89.3MHZ Transmit Range:>10M
Signal to Noise Radio:70db Work Current:30ma?0mA
Input:DC 12V Output:DC or USB 5.0V?%===1600mA

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