cup filling sealing machine for dairy products and all kinds of liquids

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The machine can fill every king of products even ones who have pieces inside. Multiple cup size usage is available. Lids are sealed by heat. 2-line coding, dating is available. Standart type of this machine also includes CIP(self-cleaning system) that is cleaning machine and inside the pipes all over at the end of the production or getting into a new product to be filled. CIP system can be activated just by a button easily and rest of the process is carried out automatically. Filling process is carried out by Servo-motor that provides high-accuracy in filling. Optionally on your demand laminar-flow unit / hepa filter system that provides enviromental protection inside ,getting contaminated air out of the machine and providing product have much longer shelf-life can be adopted. All the machine can be monitored by PLC touch-sensitive-screen. in case of any kinds of possible faults the screen tells you what to do. The capacity is 6000 pcs / per hour. Main body and all product-contact parts are stainless-steel and comply with sanitary regulations.

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