64 Channel 1920/1920fps REAL-TIME Hardware Compressed H.264 DVR Cards with 64 Channels

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Outstanding Features

Up to 64 channels per PC, all channels recording @30fps video+audio.
Allow mix stacking, e.g. 4/8/16 ch. cards, PCI or PCI Express on a PC.
All functions are directly processed by the hardware compression cards, so no extral CPU recsource of the host PC is consumed. Terefore, DVR is very stable.
Flexible configuration: most cards support CIF and 2CIF (528x360 pixels), can combine two channels to create a Full D1 (704x480)
DVD quality @D1, S-VHS quality @2CIF, VHS quality @CIF.
Customize the application s/w and build your own installable CD.
Dual encoding, e.g. higher quality for local storage, less quality for the internet.
Allow instant playback while monitoring. Right click on one or more channel(s) for immediate playback while monitoring other channels.
Supports 128 presets, 10 programmable routes for PTZs, return to default preset/route within a preset time. On-screen PTZ control by mouse.
Motion sensing, private masking, alarm pop-up, E-mail alert, E-map, two way audio.
Remote viewing via web browser and/or Live center (Client) using only 1 and 2 Internet ports respectively.
Live Center supports and connects simultaneously to H.264 PC-DVR cards, IP cameras, NVR and video servers. 64 ILDVR appliances per page, 16 pages.
Live center can monitor, record, remote control, re-configure server(s)and other appliances.

Encoder and Matrix ouput card types

You can mix install multiple cards, limit is 64 channels per PC.
Encoder Models
HB-18004: 4-2CIF
HB-18008: 8-2CIF
HB-18016: 16-2CIF
HB-18204: 4-D1
HB-18208: 8-D1
HB-18016E: 16-CIF
Matrix output to TV
HB-18004: 4-NTSC/PAL output.
HB-18008: 8-NTSC/PAL output.
above output channels can independantly configurable to display 1,2,4,9,13,16 windows. Assign your camera(s) to any window.
CIF=352x240 pixels, 2CIF=528x360, D1 or 4CIF=704x480 for NTSC
PAL users replace 240 with 288, 360 with 432, 480 with 576
Software Feature:
Security Password Multiple users and feature related password protection
System size 4, 8, 16 channels (per card), up to 64 channels per system.
Language support Multiple languages.
GUI changes Neutral software available, allows GUI design changes on an installable CD.
Watchdog Software Watchdog
HDD Remaining Display Yes
Video Loss Detection Yes
Motion detection, I/O control 24hours x7 days scheduled motion detection, can work with i/o control
Display cameras 64 CIF (352x240 pixels) or 32 Full D1 (704x480 pixels) channels
Alarm alert function Alert via IP, screen pop-out at remote view, E-mail out, i/o relay triggering to other systems.
**Instant playback function** User can playback 2,4, 8 mins of video on any camera while monitoring.
Archiving Archive to CD/DVD or to hard drives. Archived video can be played back on another computer without installing the codec.
Log search Smart search based on motion detection, alarm trigger, and time event. Can play back 4 ( in next version, 8) time-aligned screens simultaneously.
Pre, Post Event Recording 1~3 minutes pre, post-alarm recording (Motion detect and sensor trigger)
Remote Web access Web access using Active-X. Web access supports up to 16 camera live view, Live center supports 64 video-channel per page, 16 pages, totalling 1024 cameras with IP maxtrix switching technology.
Remote Live view Free Live center supports 400+ server access and your choice of cameras on these servers. Quad function: monitor, record, review log files, and remote control of the server. TV output using matrix switches.
Assignable TCP/IP ports Default and user assigned TCP/IP ports. Supports DNS. Use only 3 ports for: remote log in via internet browser, and/or Live Center (Lient software).
PTZ (Speed Dome) Camera Control camera with softkeys and with mouse. Point the mouse onto the video and the camera will pan/tilt/zoom. 128 programmable presets and 10 routes. Default to assigned preset/route once camera is idled.
Web Browser Monitor, playback, P/T/Z/F Control, recording, review log files.
Remote Client (Live Center) Monitor, playback, P/T/Z/F Control with programmed presets and tours, recording, review log files on client and server(s), re-configure server(s).
Remote Recording Yes
Remote Talking Yes
Remote Alarming Yes
E-map Drag and paste camera icons onto office map, icons will change color on alarm
Click here for detail software feature on the server and on the Live center (Client)

Compatible Hardware List:
Avoid using AMD, VIA and SIS chipset motherboards and/or onboard display cards. ILDVR System does not work with those hardware components properly.
Motherboard Those with Intel 815, 845, 865, 915 and 945 chip sets. Examples:
SuperMicro PDSLE motherboard,
Intel: D915PCY, D865PERL, 945PVS, D945PSN,
Asus: Commando with 4PCI slots,P965 chipset.(2007) P4P800SE,
MSI: 865PE Neo2-F, 865PE Neo3-F,
Gigabit: GA-945PL-S3E, GA***GME775, GA-8PE667, Ultra2 GA-8IPE1000PRO,
Norco-840ae motherboard with PBP-15P12B PCI extender ( For up to 8 8 channel D1 cards)
Please note: we can test only a few of motherboards in the market.

CPU PIII 800MB or better. We have 32 channel systems operating at 15% CPU usage on a P4 3GHz
RAM 128/256/512/1024MB 1024MB is for 64 channel system
Display card GeForce or ATI AGP, PCI-X 64M/128MB. Some on board video chip sets works OK with ILDVR: you would have to test it.
Power 360W recommended if the system has more than 4 cards (over 16 video channels)
  • 64 Channel DVR cards
    • 64 Channel 1920/1920fps REAL-TIME Hardware Compressed H.264 DVR Cards with 64 Channels
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