fully automatic blowing machine

fully automatic blowing machine

6 cavities fully automatic blow moulding machine

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P06-C is available for blowing bottles for beverage, edible oil, catchup, cleaner, cosmetic and medical products with the volume between 250ml and 1500ml.
2 highlights:
Good stability: thanks to the excellent design concept and strict machining request as well as the outstanding electric collocation.
Competitive price: provide machine with good quality while lower price.
3 characters:
Jeepine Machinery bring in the method of rotary blowing mould machine to develop linear blowing mould machine for the first time among the domestic manufacturers, which has resolved the problems of bad stability and low efficiency of traditional linear blowing mould machine.
Jeepine Machinery is the first company that makes the single cavity capacity up to 1200 bottles per hour (take 500ml bottle for example).
Peculiar heating system of light bar and light box with special design make it saving electric power by 40%.
5 innovations:
Blowing system: cooperate with the international leading research organizations; create the high-pressure integration valve group, the single cavity productive capacity is increased by 60%.
Heating system: patent light box provides constant and circulatory temperature, to save electric power by more than 40%.
Stretching system: use linear sliding track framework instead of liner bearing, which offers an outstanding improvement of stability.
Main transmission system: adopt patent double strand roller chains technology, to assure the demands of stability and high speed.
Hydraulic pressure close mould system: take the place of traditional pneumatic die set, with both sides pressure and four boards forming, assure the stability an the pass rate of 99.8%.
Technical data
    Unit JP06S-C JP06M-C
Forming Specification Clamping power Kg 48000 64000
Clamping stroke mm 110 140
Stretching stroke mm 380 500
Bottom stroke mm 80 80
Cavity pcs 6 6
Cavity spacing mm 76.2 120
Bottle specification Bottle volume L 0.75 1.5
Neck diameter mm 38 38
Body diameter mm 68 105
Body height mm 230 350
Electrical specification Heating boxes pcs 4 4
Heating lamps pcs 28 32
Maximum heating power KW 60 68
Electrical voltage / Frequency V 380(50Hz) 380(50Hz)
Actual power consumption KW 30 36
Air pressure specification Working pressure Kg/cm3 7 7
Low pressure flux L/min 2000 3200
Blowing pressure Kg/cm3 ≤40 ≤40
High pressure flux L/min 3500-4000 4600-5500
Chilly water specification Working pressure Kg/cm3 5~6 5~6
Temperature ℃ 10 10
Chilling capacity Kcal/hr 39000 39000
Water flux L/min 150 150
Machine specification L*W*H Size M 5.5X1.8X3.5 6*1.8*3.5
Weight Ton 6T 7T
Productive output Bph 6000-7200 4800-6000
  • 6 cavities fully automatic blower
    • high quality, efficient,stable

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