GSM/CDMA Terminal,Channel bank,PBX,Alarm,Surveillance

Product ID: FWT,Channel bank,PBX

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Key and Advanced Features.
1, Provide 4 GSM/CDMA wireless access and 16 extension service (4/16), support GSM all band and CDMA 800/1900 band mobile network, non-UIM CDMA access provided, 1U rack slim size and light in weight.
2,Adopt dual mode CID chip, compatible with FSK/DTMF CID receiving and transferring.
3, Day/Night mode with real time clock/Timed reminder
4, Account Password Service
5, External music input/Broadcast call
6, Less Cost Routing
7, Expandable module design , Flexible and simple Expansion
8, Programmed by Standard Phone or by PC, PC based software available and interface compatible with charge software.
9, Store 300 call bills in case of power failure
10, Chord melody music selectable, auto select daily/Voice announcing Ext.No.
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GSM/CDMA FWT,channel bank,PBX,alarm,surveillance