GSM CDMA 32 Port 256 SIM/IMEI auto paired changer channel bank

Product ID: CB-F8GC

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Unique design and key features:
● Provide up to 32 FXS (phone) port, for easily setup call termination and origination from different network with VOIP FXO gateway;
● 2.5 U rack size, protective steel chassis, slim and light, and easy carry;
● Simple installation – easy configuration via ordinary phone DTMF input, SMS remote or WinXP based GUI configuration manager;
● Accurate battery reversal signal with answer supervision and Line disconnect, configurable Voice Detection Technology, identify call waiting ringtone, music ringtone, IVR ;
● LED display with mobile signal strength indicator, tariff meter embedded, SIM status indicator, OffHook, battery reversal enable, for easily monitor calling process;
● GSM Frequency bands: 900/1800 MHz, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, CDMA 450,800,1900 MHz or 800/1900 Mhz dual band with Auto network detection, ruim or none ruim access support;
● 8 antenna for 32 port with high gain and 3M cable for optimal signal;

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