rotary screen printing machine (CAIDIE series)

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Application in natural fiber, chemical fiber and other blended knitting and woven fabric.

It consists of four units: Fabric-Entry, Printing Unit, Drying Unit, and Fabric- Exit, separately driven by four AC Motor with frequency conversion.

Main Specification:
Printing Width: 1620-3000mm
Standard Speed: 4-80m/min
Repeat (cm): 640, 819, 914, 1018
Printing Color: 4-20C
Drying mode: multi-layer hot flue
Drying source: steam or thermal oil
Driving mode: 4 main unit synchronous driven by AC motor with frequency conversion

Firstly use CAN and internet insert type PLC technic in industry, the bottom data can be integrated and stored in the HMI, in order to get auto correct-location of original position, reducing the printing defect.

Creative screen frame can be lift up on the single side, when it is lift up, it is very convenient to do inside maintains and clean the magnetic table.

Especially designed residue paste returned device, reducing the clean water consuming and waste water draining etc environment-protection processing, which is recommended by Textile Project Institute as an energy-saving and pollution-reducing product.

Designed smooth and wide paste passing channel, the residue paste flowed the screen can be drained from the machine without polluting the back of blanket; at the same time, it is convenient to clean, avoiding the printing defect and other bad situation happened because of blanket pollution.
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