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The high purity quartz crucible is the key necessaries in pulling monocrystalline silicon, which is made from the high purity quartz sand. This kind of crucibles has the advantages of high purity ,high temperature resistance, with big size, quality stability etc.
The main products developed by Jinglong Group monocrystalline silicon that large diameter and lower content oxygen and carbon with higher lifetime is patent technology developed by Hebei university of technology semiconductor graduate school that gained nation invention award----Neutron doping Czsi. Jinglong is the largest monocrystalline silicon manufacturer in the world.
We adopt strict total quality management and advanced technics (Vacuum electric arc method, Grade-100,000 purified) to guarantee the high purity quartz 'quality and pureness degree.
The product types has 16inch,18inch,20inch and 22inch.
Our product is used for pulling solar energy monocrystalline silicon.
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