air curtain

Product ID: FM-JD09/10/12/15

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Our Air Curtains prevent entering of air in a conditioned environment such as air conditioned or heated room by generating an evenly distributed laminar air flow on the entryway thus preventing wind borne contaminants such as dust, fumes and pollutants. Our effective solution even when the door or entrance is left open for a long time.
  • Features
    • ● Easy to open, convenient design which the cover does not use screws.
  • ● The stainless cover is made from high-strength aluminum and engineering plastics. The ingeniously designed casing is 40% lighter than normal machines, suiting installation over glass doors.
  • ● With a uniquely designed air guide bar, it can produces wind in all directions, working well in various environments.
  • ● It can be operated either by remote control or at the touch of a button. It has high medium, and low speed switch functions.
  • ● Adopting optimized motor, it runs safely for 5,000 consecutive hours.
  • ● 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, various specifications match at will.
  • ● Fliter and negative ion can be choosing at will, close heart and environmental protection, the air is cleaner and delightfully fresh.
    • Certificates
      • CE,GS,CCC,ISO9000:2001