Parking Guidance System

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With the development of social economic, Car becomes much more popular, Car-time is coming. The rapid increase of Parking lots results in parking difficulty, traffic crowd and low efficiency. Meanwhile, Parking management needs more staff and cost is increasing.
When customers return back to the parking area, It is difficult for them to identify the parking situation to find their cars because of the more floors, large space and similar environment. This reduces turnover and efficiency.
UnisPark PGIS can help customers to find prompt parking lot quickly, can help customers to find their cars conveniently when they return. PGIS can improve parking lots turnover and get more income.

PGIS consists of following subsystems:
1. Available Lots Display Subsystem
At the Parking entrance, Available Lots information is displayed to guide customers to the parking lots they want. The available lots information is refreshed real time.
2. Parking Area Guidance Subsystem
When car enters into Parking area, the Available Lots information in different floors and area is displayed. Vehicle Detectors installed at the entrance/exit detect the lots information and send to the display screen by controller.
3. Available Lots Guidance Subsystem
When car enter into the parking area, guidance screen is set to display available lots in different directions. Available Lot Detectors are installed to detect if the lot is occupied or not. The Available Lot Pilot Lamp is installed in front of every lot to show the lot status. Red means the lot is occupied, and green means the lot is available. The lots status is sent to management computer and displayed visually.
Drivers can get the lots information quickly by the information screen and can find the prompt lot conveniently.

PGIS Structure
PGIS is the most perfect guidance system domestic, it is suitable for Vehicle in & out frequently parking lots to improve the turnover and management level of parking. It brings good social effects and economic benefits, is the new trend in future.
PGIS gets the lots status and car numbers by mature and international ultrasonic detective technology, LED dynamic display technology, computer communication technology, micro-computer real time control and so on technology. PGIS broadcast the lots information to the guidance screen to help drivers parking rapidly.
PGIS works together with PAS. When the available lots are less than the expected value, PGIS can control PAS to stop providing parking card so as to avoid much more cars entering to form traffic jam except the VIP cars.
  • ISD9001

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