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The product line is used for decoiling 、slitting and recoiling of the cold rolled and hot rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and various plating steel.

Regarding the customers who have high requests, they can choose the EPC auto-aligning device. It's convenient to load the coil, enhance the efficiency, slitting precision and protect the plates. Also you can choose the EPC auto- edge controlling device, to assure the trim recoiling, especially proper for the recoiling of the wide plates.

The whole line includes Loading cart, Decoiler, leveller, shear, slitter,scrap baler, tensile device, recoiler, unloading device.

High automatization, simple and reliable operation

Slitters can be exchanged to enhance the efficiency

Speed of the line is fast and can be self- matched

Slitting line main includes Decoiling - Slitting - Recoiling

This line has following characteristics:
1. advanced technology. The line starts from coil to cold forming to checked length cutting until forming in good shape and precise length.
2. high output speed. Only 2-3 operators, simple operation and low labour force, and it is steplessly adjustable within 0-8 m/min output speed
3. high reliability. Main hydraulic and pneumatic elements are imported.

Including : cold-forming unit, cutting/butt welder, Roll arc forming unit, punching machine, etc.
Technical data depends on the specific line /machine

Stepped shaft
Punching parts ,aerosol cans
.Slitting line

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