UFO 90w led grow light

Product ID: XLR090LPG01

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90 Watt UFO LED Grow Light
•Perfect or high output.
•Large coverage area.
The efficiency of 90W led grow light equals to 400W HID light covers 15 Sq. Ft. Color Ratio 8:1 - Red and Blue LED grow light emits very little heat, no burns even close to the plants.
Save 80% power consumption compared with the traditional lighting.
Greatly reduce the cost, has significant economic benefits.
Designed for use indoors or greenhouse.
Can be added as supplemental light to increase yields in larger grows or as stand alone.
Recommended usage 16 hours a day for vegetative stage and 12 hours a day for flowering. Not to exceed 18 hours a day.
Seeding of plants growth room, nurseries home and urban garden and university research etc.
  • CE&RoHS

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