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We are one of the leading manufacturer of plant extracts,herb extracts and botanical extracts in China. We can supply all kinds of standardized extracts and ratioed extracts.
Product list is given below for your kind consideration
Herb extracts
Garlic bulb powder extract
Ginkgo leaf extract
Echinacea herb/root extract
Soy bean extract
Saw palmetto fruit extract
Ginseng root extract
St. Johns Wort herb extract
Black cohosh rhizome extract
Cranberry fruit extract
Valerian root extract
Milk thistle fruit extract
Evening primrose oil
Kava kava rhizome extract
Bilberry fruit extract
Grape seed extract
Yohimbe bark extract
Green tea leaf extract
Ginger rhizome powder/extract
Aloe vera extract
Florists Sendranthema Extract
Paeoniflorin 95%HPLC
Kaempferol 98%HPLC
Ursolic acid 98%HPLC
Emodin 98%HPLC
Rhein 98%HPLC
Diosgenin 98%HPLC
Astragaloside IV 90%HPLC
Icraiin 98%HPLC
Silymarin 98%HPLC
Chlorogenic acid 98%HPLC
Naringin 98%HPLC
Glycyrrhizic acid 98%HPLC
Sodium Aescinate 98%HPLC
alpha lipoic acid 98%HPLC
Rutin 98%HPLC
Phytic 98%HPLC
Sesamin 98%HPLC
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Nanjing Sulang Medical Technology Development Co.Ltd

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herb extract plant extract herb powder herbal