Highly Effective Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier/Oil Filter (Series ZY)

Product ID: Series ZY

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This oil recycling system is applied to treat various of unqualified insulation oils including aging transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, switch oil. Also it can inject the insulating oil into the transformers. The functions include: dewatering, degassing, removing the impurities, and recovering the oil's original function.

1. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation technology, dewatering and degassing effectively.
2. Distinctive remove the impurities technology filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power.
3. Infrared liquid level automatic controller system
4. A trio of inter locked preventive device.
5. It can work independently, also it can work with the oil regeneration system
6. Vacuum oiling of power equipment and drying moisture of power equipment
7. Automatic testing the oil dielectric strength and printing out the result (Specially Series ZYA)
8. Can be operated both on-load and off-load.

It's a new-type of high effective vacuum oil purifier with the duplex 3D stereo-evaporation technology and G technology. Also it adopts the technology, which remove the impurities through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power. So it's five or eight times as effective as the common vacuum oil purifiers, the consumption of energy is least and it's doesn't need other wearing materials.

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