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Product ID: CT-2210

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CT-2210 consist of optical microscope, CCD camera, and LCD display. A clear picture of tiny object can be seen by grabbed and turned into video signal by the camera, and be turned into a digital colorful pricture of high resolution on the LCD sisplay. The digital picture can be zoomed in/out to the ideal size(10X-100X) for watching , and it can also be to a computer by USB2.0 access for picture-grapping, saving , printing, and even partial photographing.

Industial Applications:
PCB manufacturing, SMD industry, micro-assembly&soldering, medical device manufacturing, jewelery industty, fabricated plate work, measuring device, inspection&quality control, product displaying, education&training,etc.

1.Pictures of the objects to be seen on LCD screen, easy watching.
2.Better working condition, exampts tiring, ergonicmic, relieve fatigue resulted from long time working with traditional microscope.
3.All in one design, easy to operate,,space saving.
4.Stepless zoom in/out.
5.With scale graduation for measuring and orientation reference.
6.Can be easily moved to another work space .
&.Can be connected to computer via the USB2.0 access.

zoom range: 10x--100x
workign distance:100mm
length on x axis:250mm
height on y axis:62mm+230mm
LCD displayer size:8''(165mmx125mm)
LCD pixel: 640x480
LCD Lattice-site proportion:0.2535mmx0.2535mm
computer access:USB(CT-2210USB)

.zoom range: 10x--100x

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