Kaps Tex Co.,Ltd
We are selling all kinds of Poly Tarps, Truck Tarps, Covers, Industrial Fabrics, Heavy Duty Tarps, Lumberwraps, Agricultural Fabric and PE fabric to the US and European markets, increasing our market share and competing with major manufacturers such as Intertape Polymer Group, Interwrap and Fabrene, etc. We are also proud of having the biggest market share in North American region among all makers in the far-east.

We, Kaps Tex, have 3 main factories in Vietnam, China, and Korea. The 3 different shipping points provide our customers more options. The most of all, our Vietnam facility specializes in producing tarps, wide, seamless PE fabric master rolls(Up to 4.1 m) such as Lumber wrap, VCI-treated steel wrap, window flashing tape, scaffolding cover(leno weave), PP silt fence, PP weed block, roofing underlayment, insulated cover, pallet cover, irrigation dam, cotton module cover, machinery, grain & hay cover, geo-textile, geo-membrane, high denier fabric, etc.