karaoke players KV-800S

karaoke players KV-800S

Karaoke&Jukebox Stand-alone KV-800S

Product ID: Karaoke player

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Karaoke&Jukebox Stand-alone SG-788S

Product Features:
1. Support 1.5T hard disk and have the function of songs-ordering with touch screen.
2. Support various kinds of formats such as VCD, DVD, MP3, MPEG4 and X-VID.
3. Remote control, which is convenient and easy-operating, and the functions of USB
songs-adding and broadcasting functions will make you collect the songs you like at any time.
4. Touch screen, with function of hand-swiping, would bring you great fun.
5. With multi-lingual interface, it sells well in domestic, HK, Macao, Taiwan, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia.
E M A I L: A l V i N gdmAT h oT ma i l dot C om

1. Audio interface: One set
2. Video interface: Three
3. SATA disk interface: One
4. Power: 100V/240VAC
5. S terminal: One
6. Dimension: 430X250X40(mm)
7. Serial: STANDARD RS232
8. Degree of distortion:

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