blow molding machine

blow molding machine

KELI SZCX One Stage 3 Station Injection Blow Molding Machine for pharmaceutical bottle making

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keli SZCX one stage injection blow molding machine for 3-500ml PP,PE,PC,PS,ABS,BAREX ,PVC material,one layer plastic bottle making in food,pharmaceutical,cosmetic packing industry(mhl at tzkeli dot com dot cn).
Three model SZCX125 25 with screw dia 36mm,SZCX160 45 with screw dia 45mm,SZCX250 60 with screw dia 52mm are availale.
This kind of machine used for high precision bottle making ,like little change bottle weight,uniform wall thickness,none kerf,none flash,muticavity,smooth bottle neck,high output,best seaming and bottle screw,used widely in pharmaceutical bottle packing industry.
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  • Model
    • SZCX 125/25,SZCX 160/45,SZCX 250/60
  • screw dia
    • 36mm,45mm,52mm
  • Max theoretical injection capacity
    • 125cm3,200cm3,280cm3
  • plasticizing capacity
    • 25g/s,40g/s,58g/s.
  • cycle time
    • 10s~14s per mold
  • control system
    • proportional hydraulic control system
  • type
    • one stage three station full automatic type
  • Average total power
    • 15~20kw,18~25kw,22~30kw
  • bottle size
    • 3ml~500ml
  • max height
    • 160mm
  • CE

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