colposcope for gynecology

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A. Technical parameter of optics
1 Dual oculars: 160mm, precise measuring ruler inside
2 Eyepiece: 12.5X, wide-angle adjustment- 0?D
3 Working distance: 300mm or 250mm
4 Adjustable range of ocular: 50-75mm
5 Adjustable range of focus: 0-40mm
6 Column of picture collection: f 4.5-f 32
B. Technical parameter of digital CCD video system
1. 1/3 ″color digital CCD( WATEC)
2. horizontal imaging-resolving capability ≥ 480 lines
3. valid imaging capability: 480,000
4. automatic or manual white balance
5. S. N. R:50aB
6. minimum lighting: 0.1 Lux
7. Illuminance equipped with dual light-lead at the same axes
Light source: Osram halogen light(15V. 150w x2)
Light control: adjustable brightness
Filter color: green
Illuminance range: Φ70 mm
8 magnifying capability: 3-40 times
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