Analog & Digital Multimeter

Product ID: KT7032

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Analogue Multimeter in handy, compact housing
32 ranges in 8 functions
Dual display version(analogue + LCD)

Large display with mirror scale for accurate reading
Manual range selection
Pointer shows dynamic function
AC Voltage measurement up to 600V(±0.8%+3d) (±3.0% full scale)
DC Voltage measurement up to 600V(±0.5%+2d) ((±3.0% full acale)
DC current measurement up to 10A(±1.0%+3d) (±3.0% full scale)

AC current measurement up to 10A(±1.5%+3d) (±3.0% full scale)
Resistance measurement up to 20M ohm(±0.8%+3d) (±3.0% full arc)

Capacitance measurement up to 20uF(±2.5%+5d) (±3.0% full scale)
Battery test: 1.5V and 9V
Input resistance for voltage measurement 10M ohm
Power supply:1x9V,IEC 6F22
Fuse: F200mA/ 250V,10A /250V
EN 61010, CAT III 600V
.Analog & Digital Multimeter
  • IEC-61010
  • CATIII 600V

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