CCV line

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Technical specification of CCV line

This CCV line is used to make XLPE cross-linked cable, the voltage class is from 6KV to 35KV. It is tri-tray-simultaneously extruding-dry method, cross-linked with nitrogen as a medium, cooled by water.

Technical parameter:
1. Voltage class: 6-35KV
2. Conductor:
Cu: 35-630mm2
Al: 50-800mm2
3. Max. cable weight: 10kg/m
4. Max. cable diameter: 75mm
5. Extruder group: 65-150-90 three-tier co-extruding
6. Wall thickness:
Ф65 extruder for inner semi-conductor layer: 0.5-2.0mm
Ф150 extruder for insulation layer: 2.5-10.5mm
Ф90 extruder for outer semi-conductor layer: 0.5-2.0mm
7. Material:
Conductor: copper stranded wire, aluminium stranded wire
Inner semi-conductor layer: cross-linked semi-conductor material
Insulation layer: XLPE
Outer semi-conductor layer: peelable insulation screen material (35KV or less than 35KV), unpeeladle insulation screen material(35KV)
8. Line speed: 0-30/min
9. Tube-laying form: semi-catenary
Max. design temperature: 450℃
Design pressure: 1.6Mpa
10. Tube length:
Total length: 102m
Heating length: 6*6m
Precooling length: 2*6m
Water cooling length: 9*6m
11. Energy consumption:
Electricity: installed capacity 750KVA,
380V, 50HZ, three-phase four-wire.
Water pressure: 0.2-0.6Mpa,
Water consumption: recycling water 15m3/h (recycling water in pool),
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa, Air consumption: 0.8m3/h (in standard),
Nitrogen pressure: 2.0-2.5Mpa, Pure: 99.5%,
Nitrogen consumption: 1-2m3/h (in standard),
To start up the line, it is necessary to equip a nitrogen storage container, not less than 6m3.
  • ISO 9001

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