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GM2000 Plastics injection moulding machine (full computer and proportion control) 1 unit
Plastic Dryer (200kg) 1 unit

Product Feature
Vacuum Autoloader 1 unit
Water Chiller (for moulds) 1 unit
Cooling Tower (15T) 1 unit
Crusher 1 unit
Mixer 1 unit
Parts for injection 1 set
Preform mould (12 cavities for 16g preform) 1 unit
Preform mould ( 10 cavities for 32g preform) 1 unit

Product Specification / Models
The injection system has double cylinders in balanced type. High pressure, space saves.
The masticator has the features of low speed and five star hydraulic pressure motor direct drive. It is suitable for various kinds of plastic to be processed.
The mold has different control of injection pressure and speed. It can satisfy the different technological demands.
The products have high quality owe to the adjustable back-pressure.
The machine has the aid of the computer design. The mould removing is very fast. It has strong chrome-plating bar and rigidity.
It has multifunctional hydraulic pressure liftout attachment and hydraulic pressure srive refalating molds. It is easy to maintain because of the centralized lubricating system.
Protection of low pressure/speed clamping. The exit has double electric and mechanical protection.
Beautiful outlook and low noise.
Completely computer and proportion control.

an ideal equipment to make preforms and caps

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