Circular knitting machine

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1). Computerized Knitting Machine is developed to upgrade the ordinary jacquard machine to improve the labour efficiency together with time saving.The machine is equipped with advanced micro-processing technique to mount the electronic computing system and computerized needle selector in the machine set. Touch-screen LCD is used to facilitate easy operation and save up space, thus keeping the machine’ overall neat and handsome looking.
2). No special drawing software is required. The universal drawing software available in market is acceptable. Quick change of patterns may be realized in several minutes. The pattern data may be saved in computer hard disk or floppy disk.
3). Three-way needle selection technology (knit, tuck and float) enables production of various jacquard fabrics without limiting pattern range. This function overcomes the disadvantages of common mechanical jacquard in limited knitting range, and saves the time for changing patterns. The final product of fabrics is quite alluring by using the large pattern jacquard structure knitting process.
4. Technical data:
Name of the machine Diameter Gauge Feeders H.P
Jacquard knitting machine 30”-38” 18G-28G 54F-72F 5.5

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