SMD Type Crystal Resonator

Product ID: HCS-3225F

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◎Compact and thin(3.2×2.5×0.65mm typ.).
◎Both sides supporting structure is advantageous to shock resistance.
◎Excellent electrical characterstics and environmental performance for applications in mobile communications.
◎Enables automatic mounting,due to the adoption of the emboss taping packaging
◎This is highly precise small-sized surface-mounted crystal unit that can be widely used in bluetooth,MP3,PDA,cellular wireless LAN,PCMCIA,disc drivers,audio equipment.
  • Frequency Range:
    • 12.000MHz~50.000MHz
  • Frequency tolerance
    • ±30ppm Max
  • Storage temperature range
    • -40℃to +85℃
  • Load capacitance
    • 9pF typ(Please specify)
  • RoHS

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