High Speed Rate Wireless Module

Product ID: KYL-210

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High speed rate, small size, low power
  • Data Sheet
    • o RF power: less or equal to 50mW
  • o Operating voltage: DC5. 5V or 3.1V
  • o Receive current: less than 20mA
  • o Transmitting current: less than 40mA
  • o Sleep current: less than 20uA
  • o Carrier frequency: 433MHz, also can customize 300 to 350 MHz, 390 to 460MHz and 780 to 925 MHz or ISM others
  • o Communication connects: RS-232/RS-485/USB/TTL selectable
  • o Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/100kbps
  • o RF line-of-sight Range: 200m (BER = 10-5@9600bps)
  • 400m (BER = 10-5@1200bps)
  • o Size: 40 x 24 x 6mm(without antenna port)
  • 9001

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