Solar Sign Light LED Lights

Product ID: SSL-540

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With the help of this solar LED Light, both your visibility and prominence in your area will be highly increased. Sellers will know you're doing everything possible to help give them maximum exposure to as many people as possible while conserving one of the most valued resources. The Solar Sign Light is the newest marketing tool an agent can provide their client while promoting themselves and the property as well!
  • ■Measurement:
    • 35*21*4 cm;
  • ■Net Weight:
    • 2.30 Kg;
  • ■Housing:
    • White Die-cast aluminum housing
  • ■Rechargeable battery:
    • Two sets of 3 sealed NiMH AA wired in series, matched rechargeable batteries.
  • ■Solar Power
    • 12 solar collectors on top side of unit
  • ■LED Lighting:
    • 20 daylight color LEDs
  • ■Outdoor Lighting:
    • Promoting products, news, bulletins in public places, especially in the night.

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