PS plate

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We are the professional manufacturer of offset printing ps plate. Our ps plate includ Conventional Positive PS plate, Conventional Negative PS Plate and Positive Thermal CTP Plate.
material: High quality aluminium
size: Upon customer request
performance: Long run print
place of origin:China
  • Positive PS Plate
  • Thermal Positive CTP Plate
  • Conventional Negative Plate
  • Positive PS Plate
    • It is manufactured through electrolytic graining, anodizing, sealing treatment, coating and drying. It offers moderate Ra, high contrast after exposure, excellent dot reproduction, high resolution, long press run and good ink receptivity etc.
  • Thermal Positive CTP Plate
    • The range of light-sensitive wavelength of our CTP plate is very wide, you can get quality exposure result between 815nm to 1064nm. It can be processed on various thermal image setters, the exposure is between 130mJ/ cm2 to 150mJ/cm2 .
  • Conventional Negative Plate
    • Packing:Carton, Pallet,wooden frame,Plastic
  • ISO9001-2000

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