DBJG-6080 Laser cutting and marking machine

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Product Feature
It adopts semiconductor side-pump laser generator, can not only perform speeded galvo marking on metal plate, but also precise cutting. It works with large working area for selecting Cross Slide Working Table, which is suitable for cutting and marking on various thin metal plate. This model is famous for its high ratio of performance and price, as well as multi-function feature.

Application Field
Suitable for all kinds of metal materials (including metals), electroplating materials, coating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber, resin, ceramic marking, and sheet metal cutting.

Technical Parameter
Laser Generator YAG semiconductor side-pump laser generator
Laser power 200W
Cutting Area 600mm x 800mm
Transmission Method Servo ball screw
Postioning Precision 0.05mm
Control Method Offline motion control
Supporting Format PLT. DXF. BMP. AI

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