Combustible gas detector

Product ID: AK-200FC/H2

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AK-200FC/ H2
Product description:
1. Model: AK-200FC/H2
2. Manual testing and reset function
3. working environment:
Humidity: ≦97%RH
Temperature: 0℃-60℃
4. Dimensions: 120mm*70mm*45mm
5. Working voltage: 220VAC /110VAC, 12VDC-20VDC
6. Additional function: can work with solenoid valve or manipulator or exhaust fan (optional)
7. Networking: wired networking (NO, NC)
8. Wireless networking mode: 315MHZ/433MHZ (2262 OR 1527)
9. Alarm concentration:
coal gas: 0.1%~0.5%
natural gas: 0.1%~1%
LPG: 0.1%~0.5%
10. Patent No.: 200830103203.9
11. Automatic error-detecting function (The red and green lights shine alternatively )
  • CE EN ISO9001:2000

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