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Product ID: WZ30-25

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WZ30-25 is a kind of the multi-functional engineering machinery incorporating excavating and loading into an organic whole. It adopts the advanced static hydraulic transmission and popular integral structure overseas with the following advantages the complete machine is rationally distributed and compact it is performance in high.
  • Rating lifting capacity
    • 25KN
  • bucket capacity
    • 1.0m
  • Hoe bucket capacity
    • 0.3 m
  • Figure dimension
    • Length x width x height
  • 7130 x 2200 x 3850mm
    • Diesel engine
      • Model LR4108G69 (Luochai China)
    • Rating power 65kw
    • Rating rev. 2400r/min
  • It is easy and simple to handle
  • It has the high power

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