thermal camera

thermal camera

Thermal PTZ camera

Product ID: JM612-TM

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LeadEx JM612-TM thermal ROBO series are combined with thermal camera and day/night camera. The body is machined from 6063# Aluminum Alloy or 316L# Stainless Steel.
They are also including JM612 Series ROBO special 5 proof features:
* Water proof (Sealed to IP66 and NEMX 4X)
* Corrosion proof (The Stainless Steel body can be resistant to sea water or chemical corrosion)
* Vandal proof (to resist damage by stone or hammer)
* Bullet proof (Resistant to the impact from the short gun bullets)
* Dust proof (Resistant to coal dust)

The delicate Pan/Tilt design and dual-camera system with multiple lens choice is ideal for high-end security surveillance applications.
The thermal camera can detect infrared light wavelength @ 7.5~14μm (3~5μm for optional), and could show the image of tiny temperature differences. Several image modes are options, such as White hot, Black hot, Fusion, Rainbow and other pseudo color modes. Compared with other thermal camera, JM612-TM has unique feature called DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement), which could offer more detailed image clarity.

The Vanadium Oxide (VOX) is the material used in Focal Plane Array (FPA), which is immune from the sunshine. Meanwhile, the thermal camera part could be ON/OFF separately. So, the JM612-TM series dual camera system has a relatively longer working life.

Due to the above excellent performances, the dual camera system is ideal for applications requiring long distance surveillance under harsh environment and all-weather conditions. It always works fine at both daytime and night, even in a rainy/snowing/smog/foggy/dusty day. Intruders hiding in the jungle/grass at night could also be easily detected.

Typical applications include search and rescue, national defense, law enforcement, frontier defense, military, maritime affairs, aviation, nuclear power plants and traffic etc.

Integrated with day/night camera, thermal, lens, CPM and variable pan/tilt speed
The body machined from 8~22mm special type aluminum alloy or 316#stainless steel, rugged and wind proof.
Unique DIP switching design makes system setup easy
Unique Firmware Online Upgrade (FOU) function convenient for customized requirement and system maintenance
Unique CCD window from filmed and toughened glass
Auto/Manual calibration ensures precise system operation
Built in temperature control and thermal part separate remote ON/OFF prolong the using life

Wide range optional modules or functions available:
 IP module
 Video analytics module
 Optional DMD System
 Gyro stabilization system
 GPS interface and/or radar and digital compass interface(NM0183 protocol)
 Alarm box and water spray system
 HD High Definition CCD camera
 Frame Noise Reduction (FNR)
  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • IP66
  • Explosion proof certificate

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