Gas alarm with automatic shut off valve(DN15)

Product ID: GL-800A+DN15

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Main Features
Use to detect wide range combustible gas leakage(such as
natural gas ,LPG)
Adopt advanced normal temperature semiconductor gas
LED indicators for power, false, alarm status
Adopting precise sensitive gas sensor to compensate,avoid
false alarm
Strong anti-interference capability and strong ability to
adapt the environment
Used in the place with combustible or hazard ,etc.
Kitchen,bath room with gas heater,gas boiler
Technical Parameter
1. Static power consumption:≤0.5W
2. Alarm volume: ≥80dB
3. Environment temperature: -15c~55c (indoor)
4. Humidity: 30% RH~93%RH
5. LED -Green (blink at warming up,stay lit at working)
6. Test button: Test the circuit of gas detector and alarm output
7. Working voltage :220VAC/110VAC,12VDC-24VDC
8. Alarm concentration: LPG 0.1%~0.5%; Natural gas
0.1%~1%;H2 0.1%~0.5%
9. Alarm ways: alarm light blink and buzzer alarm
10. Additional function:Switching

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