flexible LED screen

flexible LED screen

soft/flexible LED display for stage and DJ lighting

Product ID: soft LED, stage DJ

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Flexible LED display is a new patent product that belongs to Beijing Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co., Ltd, Comparing with the traditional rigid LED display, flexible LED display has the characteristic as below。
1. The display made of high quality of SMD LED shows the smooth and clear image.
2. With the refresh frequency of more than 600Hz, the image is stable without any flicker, which is suitable for professional situation.
3. Light weight and small volume, 20 square meters of flexible LED display can be packed in one flight case, which saves large amount of transport charge.
4. Shortcut installation and maintain, to finish installation and debugging of 200 square meters takes just 4 hours, which again saves labor cost.
5. The display curtain is made from special Nano material that has the attribute of waterproof, against fire, durable, against dirty and without extension, which can be applied in outdoor and indoor.
6. It is flexible,which suitable all kinds of irregular shape to display character and image, such as circle, column, ellipse and triangle.
7. Applying situation: outdoor and indoor character and image display, media advertising display, entertainment evening, stage background,exhibition and rental.
  • flexible LED curtain, soft LED disp
    • the LED display can be fold, curve and rolled freely like a newspaper, easily installation and transportation
  • water proof, fire retardant
  • easy transportation and instalation
  • flexible
    • it can be curived, folded
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