LED pixel dot project

LED pixel dot project

Flex LED strip, LED pixel dots, LED string

Product ID: flexible LED string

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Flexible LED string is designed for extrairdinary effects and expansive installations without the constraints of fixure size, shape, or space. Each string consists of 40 individually addressable LED nodes, with high light output, which affords long distance view for buidling, architucture, perimeter lighting, large scale signature, and building-covering video displays.
  • Standard and custom lengths and dot
    • flexible LED string are available with several different pitch size, the standard size we have are P75, P100, P150, P200, which can support virtually any lighting video design.
  • Intelligent easy controller
    • it need not special hardware for support, any PC and laptop can control it. And the independent controller with CF memory card, it can support the system to display the video automatically.
  • outdoot application
    • Fully sealed for maximum fixture life and IP65-rated for outdoor application.
  • Easy installation and multi-functio
    • Flexible LED string can be mounted directly to a surface like the building facade, dome surface, arch surface, perimeter surface. The cable in multiple lengths allows to install string at the target distance from the data / power supplies. Optional mounting tracks ensure straight linear runs for a clean, finished look. Single dot can be positioned individually to provide anchor points for installation with uneven space or complex geometries.

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