Outdoor Fullcolor Video Advertisement Screen

Product ID: HH-O16-3C

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Product Name :outdoor fullcolor led display
Product Spec :PH16 2R1G1B
Resolution :3906dots/㎡

Specification PH16
Pixel cabinet Pixel Pitch 16mm
Cabinet Size 1024mm*768mm
Pixels Resolution 3906/m2
Led Composition 2R1G1B
Cabinet Resolution 64*48
Cabinet Resolution 3072/Cabinet
Cabinet weight 48kg
Main technical parameter Best viewing distance 16-100m
Balance white brightness ≥6000cd/m2
Average power consumption 960W/m2
Max power consumption 1200W/m2
Control mode Synchronization with Computer
Drive mode Static constant current drive

feature of products
Strong practicability:We have researched the various outdoor environment ,and design our product system depend on the research result .so both applicability and reliability of products are improved observably . 
vivid color :the display cabinet is composed by three basical color (red ,green ,blue).there are 16,777 and 126 kinds color are composed by 256 degree grey for each color Red ,Green and
Blue .so the screen can display the video with vivid color , saturate and high resolution
high brightness :Used super high brightness Led ,viewing it more clearly under the strong sunlight with far distance .
good effect :More clearly and better hiberarchy image with non-linear proofread technology .
strong reliability :High strongly reliability and stability with static scan technology and module design technology .
Various display mode :Support many various display mode .
expediently operate :Simple operation system with current video display software
application field :Government plaza ,easy square ,Large entertainment square ,prosperouse emporia ,advertisement board , shopping mall ,train station etc.

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