25-160 punching and shearing machine

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25-160 expended metal sheet punching and shearing machine(metal dragnet machine) and flat screen machine are of high technology content and strong practicability, it not only can produce expanded metal sheet and aluminum expanded sheet, but also can produce titanium mesh plate, copper plate mesh and other materials of expanded metal, including kinds of ordinary chain link fence below 8mm’s thickness.
  • two kinds of
    • 25-160A&25-160B
  • Material thickness =6mm
  • Max width=2500mm
    • Reciprocal time
      • 25-160A 25-160B3
    • 70/min 20/min
    • Feeding distance =0-7mm
      • Mesh length distance
        • 25-160A 25-160B
      • =250mm =250mm
      • Power of motor =22KW
        • Net weight
          • 25-160A 25-160B
        • 18T 20T
          • Dimension
            • 25-160A 25-160B
          • 5500 *1750 *3300 5500 *1750 *3300
  • ISO9001:2000

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