Automatic diamond net machine

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Chain link mesh also known as diamond net, chain link fencing mesh, viable network. Materials: high-quality low-carbon steel, stainless steel wire; aluminum wire, PVC wire. My factory production of spider wire chain link fence using German technology—two wire weaving net’s principle, not only the production of high efficiency, but also the mesh quality is reliable. The machine designed reasonable, using computer control, mechanical and electrical integration, automatic completion of the spin, cut, the net volume, while lock, and other processes, the import of advanced technology, the price if domestic machinery is the majority if the chain link fence user’s ideal choice.
Weaving and characteristics: formed though crochet, mesh uniform, the surface is formation, elegant appearance, the wire mesh is width, the wire diameter is thick, long life and not easy corrosion, weaving is simple, beautiful and practical.
Use: it is used in keeping chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and the zoo fence. Machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road of green belt protection. After the wire mesh is made into a box-shaped container, filled with rocks, and it can used to protect and support the seawall, hillsides, road and bridge, dam and other civil engineering. it is a good anti-flood and flood control materials. It is also used to manufacture handicraft, machinery and equipment of the carrier network.
  • the production capacity
    • (square/hour)25-60
  • wire diamete
    • (mm) Φ2.0-Φ4.0
  • spanning root
    • two-wire
  • wire line with the standards:
  • GB3081-82 YB544-65
    • Steel material
      • B 1 F-B 3F
    • the width of mesh:(mm) 600-2000
    • mesh length: optional
      • power
        • electrical machinery:3.0kw per unit , 4.0kw per unit ,0.12kw per unit
  • ISO9001:2000

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