Hexagonal wire mesh machine

Product ID: JY05

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Large hexagonal wire-netting machine is used to produce metal network equipment, and its products are widely used in petroleum, construction, farming, chemical industry, heating pipes and other channels of the package site, and it can be used as fence for residential and landscaping protection. At the same time hexagonal wire mesh can be used to produce stone cage, which is widely used to protect and support the dikes, slopes, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering, and it can be used as the material against flood.
  • product standard
    • there have 3 types of products, 60*80,80*100,100*120
  • width
    • every kind of machine can produce 2300mm ,3300mm, 4300mm three kinds of hexagonal wire mesh .
  • Max wire diameter &Twistig lines
    • 3
  • Main shaft rotary 25
    • Motor power (kw)
      • 60*80 80*100 100*120
    • 11 15 22
      • Theoretical production
        • Twisting m/h
      • 25 60*80 165
      • 80*100 195
      • 100*120 225
  • ISO9001:2000

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