Powered Pallet Truck

Product ID: WP50-20

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The WP50-20 pallet truck is designed for easy operation in large warhouse - a fully powered truck with high speed and fixed ride-on platform.
1. Ride-on electric pallet truck.
2. High speed available, ideally suited for loading/offloading lorries and for long distance operations.
3. Unfoldable stand-on platform for operator standing on.
4. Two speed option, one is low while the other is high
5. Two independent operating systems.
6. Single or double load wheel option
7. More popular in North America.
  • Capacity
    • Rated capacity is 2000kg
  • Lifting height
    • Max lifting height: 120mm
  • Total lift height: 205mm
    • Travel speed
      • Max. travel speed with load: 5 / 8 km/h (open the rabbit switch)
    • Max. travel speed without load: 8 / 12 km/h (open the rabbit switch)
      • Fork length
        • Fork length: 1150/1200
      • Fork width
        • Fork width: 185mm
  • Ride-on
    • Fixed platform for operator standing on it
  • High speed
    • High speed for large warhouse
  • CE
  • TUV/GS

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