laser marking machine

laser marking machine

plastic laser printing machine

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name:plastic laser printing machine
Product features

Used the most advanced laser technology, adopts semiconductor & 808nm wavelength and diode side-pump Nd:YAG.. The laser is small, the size is about 1/4 of the traditional. The optical system is airproof, and you can preview the laser route also. It is easy to operate the machine. More important is the outside cooling system with low noise, control the temperature more easy which make the machine work long time continuously. The laser, power supply and working platform is integrated. It can mark more efficiency & precision.

Applications & materials

It is suitable for marking on various metal and nonmetal materials. Electronic components, IC, electrical appliances, mobile phones, hardware, tools , precision instruments, eye glass frames, clocks and watches, motor accessories, plastic buttons, building materials, drug and food packaging, medical instruments, PVC pipe and so on.
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