led writing board with 44keys remote controller

led writing board with 44keys remote controller

Portable tube squaring machine

Product ID: TSM-3001M

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This new facing tool will face tubing from 1/2" to 3” and is designed like our TSM-4500M, but lighter in weight. This tool was designd with our Pharmaceutical contractors in mind.

Our feed knob will give you the control you need to ensure precise lengths. This machine comes with a Metabo motor with speed control that will keep the RPM constant under load. This speed control will help extend the life of your tool bits.

• Size range .5” to 3” (12.7 mm - 76.2 mm)
• 110V variable speed control motor with
electronic feedback maintains constant RPM under load
• Less than 20” in length and 8” in overall height
• Quick close latching system reduces setup time
• Easy replacement of collets and size ranges
• 18 lbs. approximate working weight
• Adjustable measure indicator for accurate facing
0.001” or longer
• Large view port for easy bit replacement
• Faces most metals and plastics, including high
nickel and carbon steel materials
• Tool bit designed to keep chip out of polished ID
• No collet necessary for 3” tube
  • CE

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