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LNC Technology Co., Ltd is one of Taiwan's top-ranking controller suppliers for mature R & D technology, outstanding manufacturing capacity, uncompromising QC, and strong service team. LNC is one of the most important subsidiaries of POU CHEN group and provides wide range of numerical controllers that can be applied to high end CNC machines, all-electric/hydraulic injection molding machine, robot hand, industrial automation fields, semiconductor, LCD, PCB drilling/forming, and energy saving servo pump and spindle motor.

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CNC Machine Controller. Cutting/Lathe/Milling/CNC Lathe Dual System Controller. 5-Axes Machine Controller. All-electric/Hydraulic Injection Molding
Machine Controller. Robot Controller. Automation Controller. Tapping/Grinding/Pressing/Spring/Pipe Bender/Wood/ PCB Machine Controller. Glass Precision Scriber Controller. Energy Saving Controller. LNC Spindle Motor. Servo-Motor
  • LNC-T800
    • The interaction and synchronization of each system are finished by wait M codes. The functions provided by LNC-T800 include axis synchronization, composite, & superposition control, and spindle synchronize control, etc. that enable LNC-T800 to accomplish the machining of complex workpieces that most mill-turn controllers with single system can not achieve.

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