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The following of our products:
★exhaust flexible pipe
★Metal flexible hoses
★Metal expansion joints
Our machines include:
★Flexible hose forming machine
★Flexible hose making machine
★Helix hose forming machine
★Braiding machine
★Bellows forming machine
★Automatic expansion joints forming machine
★Hydraulic expansion joints forming machine
★Tube welding machine
★Seam welding machine
Our products have been exported to USA, Thailand, Egypt, and India and so on.
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  • Exhaust flexible pipe
    • 1) Material: stainless steel 304/204
  • 2) Double layers 0.3mm x 2
  • 3) Aseismatic
  • 4) Heat-resistance
  • 5) Noise elimination
  • 6) Innovative design, universal style
  • 7) Environmentally friendly
  • Our company has developed fully automatic auto bellows forming equipment. We use
  • water as the medium during production. Hydraulically formed bellows are beneficial
  • to auto exhaust.

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