LONGLY Refractories Co. Locates in Yixing--“The capital of pottery” well known for refractories and technical ceramics(also called “advanced ceramics” in America, and “fine ceramics” in Japan)in Jiangsu Province of China.
LONGLY adheres to a scientific, rigorous, honest and pragmatic business philosophy, specialized in producing high-quality refractories used in high temperature furnace, kiln furniture, high temperature refractory tubes, and alumina & zirconia ceramics for ceramic, electronic, metallurgy, machinery, steel, petroleum, chemical, textile and other industries. We dedicate to pursue a continuous improvement on the actual service life and performance-price ratio of refractories and ceramic products.
In recent years, based on the domestic market, LONGLY constantly develops the international market. We have been granted the rights of self-managed Import and Export.
Main products are as followings:
1.High temperature furnace refractories: Products made by sillimanite, cordierite, mullite, corundum and silicon carbide, including various plates, shelf board, saggar, refractory tube, furnace lining and etc.
(1) Corundum-mullite products: Due to the maximum temperature 1700℃, high thermal shock resistance, high softening temperature under load, good creep resistance at elevated temperature, high slag and permeability resistance and stability, they are widely used in the areas requiring a medium or high temperature in the industrial furnace for ceramic, electronic, metallurgy and other industries.
(2) SiC products: high thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, high strength at elevated temperature, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, no bending, no deformation, no expansion or slagging for long time use in a high temperature, superior performance and energy saving.
(3) High temperature refractory tubes: a variety of round tube, U-tube made of corundum(Alumina), silicon carbide and other materials, applicable to the lining of heating furnace, such as resistance furnace, HF furnace, molybdenum wire furnace, and fritting furnace.
2.Alumina & Zirconia technical ceramics: Due to high temperature oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength, high wear resistance, good electrical insulation property, low dielectric loss, high corrosion resistance, superior waterproof under temperature mutation, they are often used in electronic, electrical apparatus, machinery, steel, petroleum, chemical, medical, textile, automobile, metallurgy, aerospace and other industries.
Besides price, LONGLY pays more attention to the quality and service life of our products, as well as the production cost saving brought by them.

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