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The latest generation of LED fluorescent boards we supply have many advantages as below :

1. More shiny LED colors ---- 7 full colors with 22 , 28 or 50 kinds of flashing modes . The flash mode can be adjusted by remote control or by pressing the switch on the board.

2. Light source ---- High quality multi-color LED light source, more led lights fixed in the side of the fame make the board more brightness even the middle area .

3. Frame ---- The screen border is high-grade black aluminum alloy 2.6cm thickness frame , frame can be made super slim to thickness of 1.6cm .

4. Writing screen ---- Could write any characters and design graphics in many colors with fluorescent marker pens. The panel is advanced imported Acrylic Panel (or ultra-clear transparency steel glass panel for optional ) which is long-term use , non-scratched, non-friable, can easily, repeatedly writing, unlimited use, and easy to scrub. This can satisfy many one-time advertisement use nowadays.

Both of these two material are non-friable , unlike other products in market use common glass which is very friable in shipment .

5. Power supply ---- Power adapter 12V and 5V .

6. Battery support ---- Accumulator (optional) and 3 * AA grade battery can support a relative long time work when there is no power .

7. Long service life ---- 100,000 hours of continuous light.

8. Super energy saving ---- 500 hours of continuous light only use 1 degree of power consumption.

9.Portable: Can put indoor and outdoor, Easy Hanging with hooks or hanging chain or place on Triangular Easel (optional).
Product size :

OEM size base on 50pcs order


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