Brushless Electric Screwdriver

Brushless Electric Screwdriver

Electric Screwdrivers with Non Carbon-Brush (Brushless)

Product ID: SKD-B series

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-Adopts High-functional Non Carbon-Brush Motor, marvelous lifespan and strong durability to make repairing and maintenance almost needless.
-Smaller size, high weight, low noise-pollution, fashionable design, high stability and easy operation motor which gives the benefit of longer working-time
-Non Carbon-brush motor has more stable output of torque; it’s best fit for operating in clean-room circumstance and no worry of pollution will be arisen.
-Minimum torque is best applied to watch, laptop, digital camera, DVD player, Cell phone, communication equipment and high tech products which need to be assembled in clean-room.

Three main benefits
-Environment: Using environmental compliance materials and low noise motor operation.
-Quality Adopts: Non Carbon-Brush Motor, stable and safe for operation
-Reliability: Low power consumption keeps motor from heat for saving power and longer working-time.
  • SKD-B200 series
  • SKD-B500 series
  • SKD-B800 series
  • CE
  • RoHS

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