Gap-Bed Lathe (LUNAN-1640, LUNAN-1660, LUNAN-1640B, LUNAN-1660B)

Product ID: LUNAN

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LUNAN-1640 LUNAN-1640B
LUNAN-1660 LUNAN-1660B
Max. Swing over bed 400mm(16")
Max. Swing over cross slide 210mm(8 1/4")
Max. Swing over gap 590mm(23")
Distance between centers 1000mm(40") /1500mm(60")
Width of bed 300mm(11 4/5")
Spindle nose(Camlock) D1-6&D6 D1-8&D8
Spindle bore 58mm(2 1/3") 80mm(3 1/5")
Spindle speeds(12Steps)) 50-2000 r. P. M 40-1600 r. P. M
Metric threads 0.5-7mm(21kinds)
Inch threads 4-56T. P. I. (32kinds)
Module threads 0.5-7mm(21kinds)
Diametral pitch threads 4-56D. P. (32kinds)
Longitudinal feeds range 0.059-0.831mm/r(0.002-0.033in/r)
Cross feeds range 0.019-0.271mm/r(0.002-0.01in/r)
Main motor power 5.5kw
N. W/G. W 1800/2000kg
2000/2200kg 2200/2400kg
  • Model:
    • LUNAN-1640, LUNAN-1660, LUNAN-1640B, LUNAN-1660B
  • Feature:
    • 1. Bed is made of high tensile cast iron by resin-sand foundary. 2. Bedways, gears and shafts are hardened and ground.
  • 3. Apron, leadscrew, feed rod and starting lever are equipped with safety devices.
  • 4. Universal gear box without change gear for metric/inch threading.
  • 5. Spindle jog button, easy for change speeds.
  • 6. Foot brake for instant headstock stopping and shuting off.
  • 7. Protection systems to meeet CE standards.
  • 8. T-slots on cross slide for special machining.
  • 9. Metric/Inch dials are large and easily read on cross slide and compound.
  • 10. Headstock runs in oil bath.
  • 11. New: With camlock mount.
  • 12. Feed drive gears and apron run in oil bath.
  • 13. Adjustable slip clutch eliminate tooth breakage caused by overload conditions.
  • 14. Large 58mm&82mm spindle bore.
  • 15. Powerful 4kw&5.5kw motor.
  • 16. Complete accessory set.
    • Standard accessories:
    • 3-jaw chuck, Oil gun, Reduction sleeve, Wrenches, Centers, Coolant systems.
      • Optional accessories:
      • 4-jaw chuck, Face plate, Follow rest, Steady rest, Driving plate. Digital readout system(2-axis, 3-axis), Quick-change tool post and holders.
  • ISO9001:2000
  • CE

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